Social Media driven advertisement!

shutterstock_116279383COUNTERPARTS MEDIA is a digital advertising and marketing agency specialized in Social Media Management, Internet Marketing and Publication’s Design. 

We are in the business of creating effective Internet marketing campaigns combining high-end web design, social media management and brand development. We deliver unparalleled service and foster the kind of expertise and support that create results for our clients, long-term relationships for the company and a winning situation for both.

We work closely with our clients to identify their needs, wants, and provide a comprehensive, integrated solution to their web, print, and visual communication needs.

Our mission is to have each customer exceed from all his competitors by offering them a solid public image, trustworthy services and improved performance.

COUNTERPARTS MEDIA is managed by a unique team with bilingual capabilities; historical, cultural, contextual, demographic and financial factors place the hispanic consumer in a unique category. At COUNTERPARTS MEDIA, we help our clients connect emotionally and culturally to the hispanic consumer.

With offices in Orlando, FL and San Juan, PR Counterparts Media services businesses of all types and sizes, from locations all around the world!

What we’re about…

Strategy and Creativity

We are a results-oriented company and there’s a strategy behind everything we do. We’ll make sure that you stand out from the crowd.


Although it’s a simple concept, it’s very important. We listen to our clients in order to better understand their needs and wants.

We’re partners

We truly feel like we are part of your company. We’ll tackle your challenges and take pride in your successes just as much as you do.

We have fun

We think working with us on your marketing and advertising should be the highlight of your day.